Dear Students

We kindly ask you to evaluate the online classes in which you have participated during the Fall Semester 2018/2019. The online survey is accessible for you after logging into e-sgh platform till February 10, 2019. The survey is anonymous. We hope for reliable and honest answers.


Attention Students!

SGH student can participate in any number of online lectures, provided she/he selected them during the semester declaration in the Virtual Dean's Office. Access to the chosen courses is granted automatically by e-sgh.pl platform at the begining of semester. To start online lecture, student should simply log into the e-sgh with the use of SGH login and password.

We kindly remind that students' online participation is an important part of the final grade in online lecture. Remember that it’s very important to collect some points for the online activity during the semester if you want to complete the course. At the end of the courses there will be the final exam.

Take a look which online lectures are organized in Winter Semester 2018/2019

Interesting News

Virtual Reality and its Learning Potential


Virtual Reality and its Learning Potential

VR can play a unique role in addressing certain educational challenges. The main points are that VR:

  • leads to increased student engagement
  • allows for constructivist learning
  • provides authentic experiences to impact student identity
  • affords new perspective taking and empathy
  • affords creativity and the ability to visualize difficult models

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