e-sgh - Platforma e-learningowa

Niezbędnik E-SGH

Niezbędnik e-sgh is a part of the e-learning platform www.e-sgh.pl which allows SGH lecturers to self-manage didactic materials. The application supports lecturers in delivering classes as well as enables them to communicate with their students. Niezbędnik provides some useful and user-friendly tools, such as Discussion Forum, Assessment Folder, Mail and Tests. The application is available both in English or Polish language version.

The items that can be placed at an educational site are the following:

  • a course syllabus,
  • files with an additional lecture content or activities to be done,
  • links to external web resources, exam results.

The application is available at: n.e-sgh.pl/

The system has been offered by the Centre for Open Education of SGH since academic year 2005/2006.

Publish date: 2015-05-06 11:41:40