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Online teaching

Online lectures can be conducted by academic staff of SGH. At the first step they should submit their online course to educational offer for a forthcoming academic year and create the teaching content with a use of ICT.

The lecturer, who decide to conduct his/her lecture as an online class - gains a lot:

  • no need to commute to the university in order to conduct the classes;
  • time and money savings;
  • possibility of conducting the classes from any place in the world (one condition is to have a hardware with the access to the internet);
  • the main content of the lecture the author prepares only once, but it can be reused after the necessary updates and modifications.

Lecturer, who conduct online classes, is obliged to work systematically (make the current assessment and give feedback to students). He/she should also actively moderate the discussion forum. The regular rhythm of work on the platform allows lecturer to avoid the backlog.

The person who want to conduct online classes in the e-sgh system does not need to have an advanced technological skills. Active implementation of the online lecture depends primarily on effective communication, regularity and motivation, rather than the IT qualifications.

See the rules for submitting online lectures to educational offer

Publish date: 2015-05-22 15:18:21