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dr hab., prof. SGH Maria Aluchna

dr hab., prof. SGH Maria Aluchna
unit: Department of Management Theory
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about me:

Associate Professor,

Department of Management Theory Warsaw School of Economics


Alma Mater:

SGH- Warsaw School of Economics

Research interests:

corporate governance (ownership structure, compliance, board of directors, national systems), corporate social responsiblility, strategic management (business groups) 

Selected Awards:
Silver Cross of Merit (2016)

Individual Rector's Award (2015,2014, 2012, 2005)

Team Rector's Award (2014)

Rector's Letter for high citation ratio (2012-2015)

EU scholarship (visiting scholar at Sydney University School of Business, 2012)

EU scholarship (visiting scholar at London Metopolitan Business School, 2011-2012)

Polish Science Foundation scholarship (2004, 2005)

Polish-US Fulbright Commission scholarship (visiting scholar at Columbia University, 2002-2003)

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD (visiting scholar at Universität Passau, 2001-2002)



Dobre praktyki ładu korporacyjnego

Reference no: 2013

materiały dydaktyczne ogłoszenia

Management - challenges

Reference no: 110601-1089

materiały dydaktyczne ogłoszenia dziennik

Strategic management

Reference no: 222621-0004

materiały dydaktyczne ogłoszenia dziennik kalendarz

Zarządzanie strategiczne

Reference no: 222620-0004

materiały dydaktyczne ogłoszenia forum dziennik

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